Compromised Collaborations

Compromised Collaborations: A Problem Shared…?

This project examines the theme of collaboration and the difficulty it poses to the artistic integrity of those involved. Proposals were invited in the form of part finished pieces and ideas specifically created to pose particular problems and/or to challenge or question the artists/curators acting as co-collaborators who would assist in completing the works. We considered collaboration in its wider context including, but not limited to its impact upon the conception, realisation and presentation of artworks.

The participating artists and their works are as follows:

Alice Bradshaw

Whilst acting as resident curator at The Media Centre in Huddersfield, Alice invited Compromised Collaborations to form part of the 2016 programme. In turn, we invited Alice to define the project by creating material for its promotional campaign, including press release and promotional material without having any influence on or having seen any of the finished work. This blind advertising campaign will then be used in promoting the exhibition whilst forming an installation piece in its own right.

Michael Borkowsky

Michael proposed a ‘Speculative Studio Space’; a fabricated artist’s working environment based on a single artist's piece, questioning how the artist arrived at the idea, and then assembling a space that assumes the role of their studio. The artist we chose for Michael was Jim Geddes. Having bought a Geddes work at auction in 2015, this was sent to Michael to create a ‘Speculative Studio Space’ and reimagine the legacy of this artist.

Jim Geddes (1932-2009)

Geddes was a prolific, almost obsessive, artist, producing hundreds of unique works that were never shown in his lifetime. He chose obscurity. Geddes lived and worked for many years in London, moving from New York. He was a contemporary of Andy Warhol having studied together at Art College in Pittsburgh. However, Geddes worked according to his own agenda rather than aspiring to art world success.

Robert Good and Fay Stevens

The Unearthing of Jacquetta Hawkes is a three-way collaborative project between artists Robert Good and Fay Stevens and the Compromised Collaborations team. The aim is to unearth hidden meanings lying beneath the surface of Hawkes’ seminal 1951 work, ‘A Land’. The project examines the notion of ‘importance’, or what is seen to be important, in the dissemination of information and how art, science, and archaeology function as a context for ‘important‘ facts about the past, present and future, whilst revealing certain identities of the author/s and artist/s. The outcome of this project will take the form of an installation created from 'archaeological finds' from the excavation and the documentation of the artistic process.

Laura Gower

"I invite you make sense of a vast and growing collection of material which I call "signs". I have been collecting my signs for perhaps four years now and frankly the collection grows quicker than I can make sense of it, and the more it grows, the harder it gets. Perhaps two people will have a better chance than one to get a handle on this?"

Vilyana Milanova

I saw a little empty bottle with a cork plug. I wanted to give it as a present to my boy. I gave it to him empty – and I said to him that in the bottle is my kiss. He studies abroad and I miss him when his not at home so I gave him a kiss to remember. It is a fact, I thought back then, when you kiss me goodbye and then leave – there is a huge emptiness I feel but still I could feel your kiss, your smile and your spirit. This project is about how equal we and our feelings are.

Netta Sadovsky

In spring 2014, Netta Sadovsky and Alex Zandi embarked upon a project entitled Infinite Pools. What started in earnest, with epic intentions, would become poisoned by miscommunication and seismic differences of opinion. Six months after the disintegration of their artistic partnership, Netta contacted ‘Compromised Collaborations’ with several hours of unedited footage, seeking assistance in bringing the project to a conclusion and looking for some kind of closure on what had become an episode of misadventure.

We will be presenting a final cut of that film

15 Minutes from John O'Hare on Vimeo.