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Gordon Culshaw

Gordon Culshaw looks at everyday objects, and, in searching for new ways in which they can be used, attempts to understand their position in a hierarchy of cultural artefacts and our relationship to them. In his work with film he laboriously re-edits iconic movies in a way that attempts to examine how they might have shaped and created a particular sense of cultural identity.

Much of this work is informed by Flusser’s idea that ‘although technology is a tool which does what we want it to do, we can only want what technology can do’.

The pieces shown here indicate an interest in modes of cultural representation and ways in which individuals choose to create their own personal reality by relating themselves to different combinations of cultural artefacts. With the breakdown of the subject/object dialectic, we now, wittingly or unwittingly, increasingly rely on technology and the objects it creates as a means to define ourselves as subjects.