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Gordon Culshaw

When I look in your eyes I can see your soul.

This series of images are have been produced by taking an extreme close-up of the eyes of a range of volunteers.

Segments of the image have then been digitally enlarged and then enhanced using photo editing software.  In order to sharpen the magnified image without removing its connection to reality the only tool used was ‘sharpen’ along with alteration of colour levels mainly  to brighten or increase the contrast within an image.

Within the image of the pupil, which in its magnified form might capture glimpses of the eye’s inner workings, can be seen reflections of the surroundings. Each photograph was taken in the home of the participant so these reflections are made up of the belongings and the décor of that home. Also captured will be imperfections introduced by the camera, imperfections and modifications created by the photo-editing software. If our belongings are what define us perhaps the image has captured an element of the soul. Or maybe in manifesting the results of the photo-editing software, the image has captured the soul of that particular technology. Being captured on a digital camera perhaps it’s captured the camera’s soul. Or maybe it really has captured a human soul.